The Incomparable Insert Image

What do Five Iron Frenzy, breastfeeding, and hipsters all have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

Yet somehow all three are prime topics for Wes Molebash’s comic strip, Insert Image. Using over-the-top, irreverent humor (with just a touch of sarcasm), Insert Image pokes holes in the Christian bubble and dares Christians to laugh at themselves. If you think the Christian subculture has taken itself way too seriously for way too long, then this book is for you.

What others have said about Wes Molebash:

“Wes Molebash cracks me up and keeps me thinking. For a culture of people deeply in need of critique and analysis as well as the ability to laugh at ourselves, he is a perfect fit.”

Justin McRoberts // singer, songwriter, author

“Wes’ comics are insightful without being preachy, pointed without being cynical, and hilarious without being viral cat videos. That’s as much as you can ask for out of a web comic.”

Tyler Huckabee // Managing Editor, RELEVANT Magazine

“Christians are hilarious…unintentionally, most of the time. Wes’ ‘Insert Image’ captures the magic of unwitting comedians. It’s a warm-hearted poke at Christian subculture, wrapped up in the timeless and sacred art of comic strips.”

Matt Appling // teacher, pastor, author of Life After Art

“The angel in charge of distributing “gifts” obviously spent a little too much time on Wes because the guy is not only creative but he’s laugh-out-loud hilarious AND incredibly insightful. Dude is pretty much the Tom Brady of comic strips. Except I don’t think he wears UGGS but I could be wrong.”

Sammy Adebiyi // blogger, speaker, pastor

The Incomparable Insert Image - Cover

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About the Author

Wes Molebash

Husband of Kari. Father of Parker. Eater of meat. Creator of cartoons.

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